Training Resources offers a variety of training to meet the needs of payroll and human resource professionals. With our solutions, offers customized training sessions that increase the relevance of the material presented to your employees. In addition, for on-line clients, there is a free customized training module with live data available 24/7. The training team will provide all the necessary training manuals and materials.

What methods of training do we offer?

  • On-site training 
  • Virtual training

Who would benefit from our training?

  • New on-line clients
  • Anyone working with a Payroll system that has not received formal training 
  • The backup person for your Payroll department 
  • Anyone who has the payroll department as a direct report

What are some of the training objectives?

  • Navigate through HR/Payroll.
  • Understand the company-level configuration.
  • Describe the human resource/payroll relationship in HR/Payroll.
  • Administer human resource and payroll functions for a company.
  • Maintain employee information, including hiring and terminations.
  • Generate reports in the report library.

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