What our clients have said. . .

"As a US employer, OnPayroll.ca is the best Canada Payroll vendor for us. Since OnPayroll.ca is located in Canada, we are confident our paychecks are calculated correctly and arrive timely to our associates each bi-weekly payroll cycle. This vendor has a great service model. Our contacts are always willing to assist on any question that arises and is willing to share their knowledge as well.

I would highly recommend OnPayroll.ca; no other Canada vendor matches them!!!"

-Payroll Supervisor, bebe stores (Canada) inc.

"I was referred to OnPayroll.ca through the American Payroll Association and I pursued this option after attending a seminar on Canadian Payroll presented by Natasha Smyth. After repeated complaints from our employees about the struggle and frustration caused by working with our previous provider, I decided that enough was enough. OnPayroll.ca provides us with an outsourced payroll solution that we need to manage our workforce efficiently. The intuitive payroll reporting engine provides us with reports that meet our specific needs and a variety of file formats that we can easily work with. As an additional benefit, with OnPayroll.ca we have a single dedicated point of contact who validates our payroll totals, ensuring that our payroll is accurate and saving us much time and money. More than anything, knowing that OnPayroll.ca is taking care of payroll and related administrative tasks gives me the peace of mind that I need as a Payroll Manager to focus my efforts on strategic growth and generating revenue. My experience with OnPayroll.ca has been very positive and has exceeded my expectations."

-Payroll Manager, Dionex Canada Ltd.

"The support provided was stellar and the client could not be more pleased."

-Senior Operations Business Analyst, SafeGuard World International

"The customer service that OnPayroll provides is exceptional. Our payroll administrator goes the extra mile to ensure our compliance. The IT department also has done a great deal to customize features to suit our company needs."

-Team Member Services Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

"Great Company, able to meet my needs as requested."

-Payroll Manager, GHP Group Inc.

"My experience with OnPayroll,ca has been pleasant. Their personnel are very professional and their response to inquires is fast and accurate."

-Payroll Supervisor, Teknovus, Inc.

"OnPayroll was tremendously helpful to me when I first began processing Canadian payroll and has continued to assist me with questions and concerns in regards to payroll processing as well as regulations."

-Payroll Supervisor, Product Action International

"The OnPayroll.ca team has been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend OnPayroll.ca for any companies looking for a full service provider. They relieved us of all the pressures associated with the processing of payroll, including the statutory reporting and remittances. Their team is very friendly and quick to respond to inquiries."

- Chief Financial Officer, The Second City, Inc.

"The greatest benefit for me, working with OnPayroll.ca, is time savings.  I simply submit the gross USD and their payroll professionals accurately calculate the exchange and taxes for both our employee and the company. I don't have to worry about keeping up with all of Revenue Canada's rules and regulations.  Their professional and knowledgeable staff  go above and beyond to provide good service to Commtest .  They are always quick to respond and I feel that we are valued as a client."

-Finance/HR Manager, Commtest Inc.

"I know we have only been a client for a month and a half, but in that time, we have had a lot go on. We have two new hires in Canada, but we also had three releases when we did a large restructuring at our fiscal year-end, at short notice of course. We have needed ROE forms completed and, of course, everything needed to be done very timely. We also started a new RRSP program at the beginning of the year with company match. Through it all Tracy and Michelle have been wonderful, patient and accurate. I can't stress enough how important that is.
I have to say, if we were still with our old service I know all these changes would have lead to disaster, or at the very least a very large pileup."
-Payroll Manager, QAD Inc.

"Jane has been phenomoenal to work with.  Her knowledge and support has been critical on many occassions.  We appreciate her more ways than we can say."

-Controller, BSI Group Canada

"Your staff are reachable and professional to deal with. I would recommend you to another company if they needed payroll."

- President, Shield Masonry

"Your service, advice and patience has been greatly appreciated and have resulted in our growth and understanding of payroll and compliance."

- Team Member Services Lead, Whole Foods

"It is such a pleasure to work with everyone at OnPayroll.ca. We are a U.S. based company so Canadian payroll was new to us at start up. The entire staff was very helpful in guiding us through the payroll tax laws of Canada. The OnPayroll.ca team is always very prompt in replying to our questions via email. Thanks OnPayroll.ca for all of your professional assistance."

-Director of Payroll & Benefits, Zuffa